First ! I would like to know more about you : your Passion, Vocation, Profession and Mission : in Japanese I would ask you what is your Ikigaï?

(At the bottom of this page you will find a form to fill out, and give us all the details of the project you would like to build !)

Ikigaï means “A Reason for Being !”

“Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.” Click here to watch the videos

Ikigai is the union of the four fundamental components of your life: passion, vocation, profession and mission. In other words where the different circles meet and overlap. Where what you love meets what you are good at, which links to what you can get paid for and what the world needs. Ikigai is only complete if each part is correctly identified and then filled. Click to get your guide to find your Ikigai

How to find your Ikigai !

You can only apply your Ikigaï when you already know what you want for yourself. For many, this requires a good deal of introspection and research. But that doesn’t stop you from starting to fill your Ikigai with what you already know, like in this exemple.

You can also download a template to fill in by clicking here, then editing it with your favorite image editor or printing it.

Start by filling in the circles with words, ideas, pictures or phrases that apply to “What you like”, “What you are good at”, “What the world needs”, “What you will be paid for ”. If necessary, ask yourself these below questions to clarify your thinking :

What do you LIKE?

What do you enjoy doing? What touches you? What passions do you have?

What are you GOOD at?

What are your talents and how can you develop them? What are you proud of? What are you doing useful for others?

What the world NEEDS?

How can you contribute to the world? What changes do you want to make to the world?

What to get PAID for?

What skills can you monetize? What are your valuable ideas?

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