01. Dominic du Boulay – Design Thinking 1.2.3… 💡💭🎬

1. Inspiration 2. Imagination 3. Implementation

Born in Montreal in 1980. I am an entrepreneur, business designer & digital canvas painter. In 2012, I founded the ClubGourmet.ca online food store! !

In 2019, I founded laBox.cloud the hosting platform was born, to help SMEs to offer technological solutions at good prices, with simple monthly plans !

As we speak ClubGourmet.ca became les aliments depasqiquer.com and laBox.cloud has been even more defined and is now latoile.ouriel.org.

You can reach me on the bellow networks and apps :

02. Ikigaï and Passion

Passionate & Resourceful!

• Great analytical skills and excellent ability to vulgarize information, to turn abstract ideas and into a concrete form and give them a body.

• I have the ability to influence and attract attention, even the most reluctant !

• I have the ability to develop long term business relationships!

• I take responsibility for ensuring the proper functioning of my goals and objectives.

• I find it very easy to get in touch with people!

• Ability to prototype ideas from concepts, given materializing the solutions.

My design approach!

1. User-centric, through user understanding through qualitative research.

2. Co-creative, involving all stakeholders in the design process.

3. Sequencing, partitioning a complex service into separate processes.

4. Evidence, visualizing service experiences and making them tangible.

5. Holistic, considering the contact points in a network of interactions and users.

03. Some of my achievements

and a few creations:

President | 2012 à 2019

Clubgourmet.ca inc, Saint-Colomban, qc, can

• Prospect new customers door to door, by phone and on social media!

• Maintain business growth with take and trait

• Management of corporate e-commerce, newsletter and promotions on Facebook and web campaigns.

• Management of the company’s CRM Daylight by making out sales and follow ups on a portfolio of more than 1,200 clients

Independent Representative | 2003 à 2012

Les Aliments Monsieur Qualité inc, Dorval

•Prospecting new customers door to door.

•Close the sale from the first meeting with the client.

•Follow up with my customers and serve them every three months.

04. Computer skills

From creating a beautiful WordPress canvas on the web, powered by Divi by Elegant Theme, to online shops with WooCommerce, to Wp-engine hosting on state-of-the-art cloud servers. Going through the natural referencing of Google Web Mastertools to the creation of logos and images with Photoshop and Illustrator. Small corporate video productions with Adobe Premiere. Remote management of your Windows or Apple workstation, via TeamViewer. I can also offer support for your cell phone running IOS or Android. A Windows email solution with emClient or Apple Mail on Mac. VOIP.ms IP telephony system with BRIA software from Counterpart. For a telephone system with extension, directory, queues and more. Some small advantages to our game !